Contact Lenses


Why contact lenses?

Chances are if you wear glasses, you can wear contact lenses too.

Today’s wide range of contact lenses provides an option for just about everyone. We have the flexibility to meet almost every visual and lifestyle need. Contact Lenses today are better value and simpler to use than ever before.

Whether you’re long-sighted, short-sighted, need multifocal correction or have an astigmatism; you can experience the freedom of contact lenses.

Getting Started

After your general eye examination, we can book you in for a one-hour lesson to learn:

• How to insert and remove your lenses
• To detect if the lenses are inside-out
• When to wear or not wear your lenses
• General handling

You leave the appointment armed with contact lenses and solutions.

Further consultations will follow to ensure you have the right lenses for your requirements, budget and wearing schedule.