Dry Eyes


Dry eye syndrome is common and occurs when there isn’t a good quality film of moisture on the front of the eyes. Symptoms include itching, irritation and grittiness and can lead to uncomfortable, scratchy, tired eyes. Eyes may be red and vision may be blurred. Paradoxically, dry eyes may also cause an overcompensation of “reflex tears” and cause the dry-eye sufferer to have watery eyes, especially in cold or windy conditions.

Ageing, menopause, medical conditions such as arthritis, some medications and climactic conditions can cause dry eye syndrome. Dry eye can afflict anyone of any age but is more common as we get older because we produce a smaller volume of tears.

People with dry eyes typically find it difficult to wear contact lenses. Dry eye sufferers may also have more problems in environments such as air-conditioned offices or supermarkets.

The symptoms of dry eye can be alleviated with lid care and lubrication drops.